Golf & Chiropractic Care

Golf & Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is effective in releasing tension from the low back, neck, shoulders, hips, groin and legs, areas that frequently trouble golfers.

Restricted spinal movements can cause an unbalanced and irregular swing. Unlocking body motion to improve flexibility and then improving body balance teaches golfers to move with more fluid movement. Increasing flexibility and range of motion reduces the chance of injury, maximizes performance, and makes golfing more fun.

Consider these tips when looking to improve your game:

  • Use equipment that fits your size. If you have to alter your swing to fit your club you may be adding more torque on your spine. Your club should feel comfortable during the swing. Furthermore, make sure the grip feels right. If you have arthritic hands, you may need a larger grip.
  • Take lessons. A professional will teach proper swing technique or help critique things you can improve. Proper technique will help make sure you are not adding more stress to your spine than a normal swing would.
  • Take a “drop” to get a clean swing if necessary. You can hurt your wrist and forearm taking a swing on a root or a rock. If you are getting out early, make sure to get your heart beating by some light walking first. If you stretch “cold” muscles you have a greater chance of injury.
  • Good flexibility will help you get an even and consistent swing plane and thus improve your swing and performance. We can help identify areas of tension and decreased flexibility. We can give you specific stretches or exercises to improve motion and your game.
  • Use an appropriate sized therapy ball to strengthen core muscles and deep spinal stabilizing muscles. In most people these muscles are weak because we do not do much to keep them strong. If these muscles are weak in anybody, not just golfers, it leads to injury. With the motion of golf, it is imperative these muscles stay strong. We can show you exercises and stretches with a therapy ball. In addition, we can tell you which size you need so you do not increase joint stress.
  • Use soft spikes. Most clubs do not like metal spikes because they tear up greens, but they also increase back stress and decrease mobility.
  • Do not carry your golf bag, pull it on a carrier if possible. If you carry it on one side, it will lead to more stress on that side. Furthermore, these bags are heavy and for 18 holes, this can lead to compression of the spine. Compression of the spine can lead to pain, disc degeneration and nerve irritation. Some courses require the use of a cart. If you ride in a cart, keep in mind that bouncing around can compress and irritate the spine as well.
  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration causes muscular tightness and fatigue. This may affect your swing, altering range of motion, increasing risk of injury and make you play worse. If you drink alcoholic beverages or smoke, drink extra water because these also decrease hydration.

Golf is a great game for the young and old. Call and schedule an appointment today for examination and evaluation of how we can help you improve your golf game through increased range of motion, flexibility and strength.

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